Mirela & Sebastian Wedding

Summer weddings are a special kind of magic, and the signing ceremony between Mirela & Sebastian was no exception. Held at the stunning Gut Kaltenbrunn restaurant in Tegernsee, Germany, this intimate celebration brought together the closest friends and family of the German groom and Bulgarian bride.

As guests arrived, they were greeted by the beautiful natural surroundings of Tegernsee, with its clear blue lake and towering mountains. The ceremony itself took place in the city hall building, where the couple exchanged their vows.

The ceremony was a heartwarming and emotional affair, with both the bride and groom visibly touched by the love and support of their closest friends and family. As they signed their marriage certificate, the couple couldn’t help but smile and laugh, clearly overjoyed at the start of their new journey together.

After the ceremony, guests were treated to a delicious meal at the Gut Kaltenbrunn restaurant, where they enjoyed traditional German dishes. The restaurant was beautifully decorated with flowers and candles, creating a romantic and intimate atmosphere.

It was truly a magnificent summer wedding, made all the more special by the stunning location of Tegernsee and the close-knit group of friends and family who shared in the couple’s joy. Mirela & Sebastian are a beautiful couple, and I wish them all the happiness in the world on their new journey together as husband and wife.

Тегернзее, Германия